About Us


 Our league is designed to provide recreation level baseball and softball to the local community.  Regardless of experience or skill level, there is a place for your child within our league.  We have organized in a way that will help develop your child’s ability in the sport and help refine those skills already learned.  Each of our divisions focuses on a specific skill set in order to gradually allow our kids to learn and enjoy America’s favorite pastime.  Ages listed below are as of December 31 of the year they are playing (i.e. whatever age your child will be turning this year is the age he/she is considered).

NOTE:  We Try to maintain consistency throughout our programs and attempt to keep all divisions on the same days as previous years.  However, due to registration numbers and field availability, this is not always possible and it may be necessary to change the days that each division played on in previous years.  This is determined after registration, but before the season begins.

  • M/W U6 Co-Ed Tee-Ball (Ages 5/6)


  • M/W U8 Coach Pitch (Ages 7/8)
  • T/TH U10 Kid Pitch (Ages 9/10)
  • T/TH U12 Juniors Fast Pitch (Ages 11/12)
  • T/TH U14 Minors Fast Pitch (Ages 13/14)
  • T/TH U18 Majors Fast Pitch (Ages 15-18)
  • T/TH U8 Coach Pitch (Ages 7/8)
  • M/W U10 Pitch (Ages 9/10)
  • M/W U12 Pitch (Ages 11/12)
  • M/W U15 Pitch (Ages 13-15)
  • M/W U18 Pitch (Ages 16-18)

The league each player is eligible for is determined by the age they will be on December 31st of the year they are playing.  i.e. Whatever age your son/daughter will be this year, is the league they will play in.

Proof of Birth Date is required for all NEW players!  Birth certificate, baptismal or hospital records, letter from child’s school, passport, or drivers license accepted.  *For 2017 all players are considered new, even if they have previously played for either the SHSC or SHBC

In order to ensure proper placement and team distribution, registration must be completed before the deadline.  Persons not registering by the deadline can not be guaranteed play.  The Sterling Heights Baseball & Softball Association does not issue refunds unless circumstances beyond a players control prevent them from being able to play.  Valid proof of said circumstance will need to be provided in order to grant a refund.

The league provides a jersey, socks, and cap/visor to each individual that registers.  All size information will be collected during the registration process.

Our summer leagues play games June – July.  Practices will begin in April.  Each league will play on either Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday.  Practices are determined by each individual team coach and will vary in time and location.  All practice field are locating within the city of Sterling Heights.